St. Gabriel’s has purchased a gift for you!  We’re pleased to offer all our parishioners a free subscription to  Formed is a treasury of amazing Catholic content, all in one place, and all accessible from a computer, tablet, or phone.

Signing up is easy.  Visit, search for our parish by ZIP Code (19464), and enter your name and e-mail.  With that, you now have access to thousands of inspirational videos, bible studies, children’s movies, and educational resources.

  • Want to learn more about Scripture but don’t really know where to begin?  Check out Our Story — A Basic Introduction to the Bible for Catholics.  A series of five minute videos to give you an overview of the Good Book.  Want to go deeper?  Check out the videos they offer on any number of scripture topics.
  • Looking for a better understanding of what happens on Sunday at Mass?  Watch The Elements of Catholic Mass and see a series of short clips to give you a greater appreciation and awareness.
  • Have you forgotten much of what you learned in religion class or CCD?  Check out the Symbolon Series for an in-depth look at what we believe.
  • Kids looking for screen time and you’re tired of them watching the same cartoons and superheros?  The Brother Francis videos are fun and educational.  Or check out the Jesus stories.
  • Nothing good on TV?  Have a family movie night and watch a movie about the life of a saint or watch a documentary about an event in Church history.
  • Sick of trying to find a radio station with something interesting on the commute to work?  Download an audio book.
  • You can also sign up for daily reflections by e-mail at  You’ll receive an e-mail with a reflection on the reading’s for the Mass or about the saint of the day.
  • You may even want to form a small group and work through one of the studies or programs as a group.

Not sure where to begin?  Check out the Pick of the Week for a new idea each week!